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Gaylord Hotels is the large convention hotel brand of Marriott International. As of June 30, 2020, it consists of six large hotels with 9,918 rooms, along with attached convention centers and one overflow support hotel property, in addition to one hotel with 1,903 rooms in the pipeline. The properties are owned by Ryman Hospitality Properties, Inc.

Tammy shared her experience, "1 hour 10 min parking was $32, no price list by entrance gates. We go to the Gaylord Palm Resort in Orlando for more than a dozen years, and decided to check this one out. Needless to say, we are not coming back after being charged $32 for 1 hr 10 min of parking including 20 free minutes..."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"None at all that i can think of"


"Poor Management. You are under appreciated and work excessive hours often times not know what time you work until the day before."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Culture. .. Very very negative environment to say the least. No updated employee book, no current SOPs, no follow ups, no consistency at all. It is a great career jump for someone or a temporary high salary if you care to put up with the frustration that comes with the lack of processes, policies ad inconsistencies."

Lead Lifeguard says

"Terrible pay, all promises were broken , paychecks are never right , managers are harsh."


"Everything needs to be fixed"

Former Employee - Building Engineer says

"Management are free to do whatever they feel and want to do. All managements care about is to keep their head above water and not to get fired. There are a lots of favoritism and does not matter how good you are. Please someone look at Gaylord in Kissimmee and stop the madness."

Current Employee - Host says

"Too much management turn over. Nothing gets done."


"Pay is horrible, leadership is lacking to say the least and they treat hourly employees like they are disposable trash! Largely overworked, underpaid and management does not care! Marriott treats it employees like a number because that is all we are to them!"

Former Employee - Guest Service Agent says

"Being just a number. Disengaged management and employees. Management would often throw employees under the bus when dealing with guests. Guests have high expectations and when the resort fails to deliver take it out on hourly employees. Little to no room for real advancement, promotions are typically lateral moves. High stress and low pay."

Conference Set Up Lead Attendant says

"Low wages,the no more than 30 cents raise per year ,lack of integrity, hypocrisy, calculated manipulation,understaffed,high turn over rate,lack of communication and the culinary abortions disguised as free meals for the employees"

Donald Triesch says

"Tried to cage the rest but unable"

fabrice brugere says

"I needed to ADD one day to my business reservation done 15 minutes ago. called your number: this cannot be done unless I cancel and pay the fee !! after 15 minutes !!!!! then all I could do is add a new reservation for 1 day, but then the rate went up by 15% AND there is no guarantee that I will be in the same room for all 4 nights now !!! worse reservation site ever! not to use again"

Meredith Scott says

"I held for 15 minutes to talk to a real person, gave up and disconnected. Our reservation should have a group discount applied and I hope it get resolved upon checking in. I have stayed here in the past without this horrible service."

Sharon Braun says

"Can't see the details of your booking prior to confirming"

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